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‘One Day It will be a Good Day in Burma’ Generation Wave

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Download That’s the music of Generation Wave- an underground group dedicated to overthrowing the repressive military junta that has ruled Burma since 1962.

They reach Burma’s youth by using music and graffiti to inspire others to stand up to authority. 

Generation Wave grew out of the 2007 uprising.

Membership of Generation Wave is illegal and is punishable by a jail term of up to five years, but in practice members know they could be imprisoned indefinitely.

About 30 of its 100 members have now been detained so for up to 33 years in jail.

Bobo is one of the members who have gone underground and he joins us on Asia Calling to tell their story.


“We are going to mobilize and motive the youth and step by step to the people. We want change in Burma. We want to overthrow the regime and in the future we want our country to be developed.”

Q. And how do you think the government will be overthrown?

“People power movement, armed struggle and pressure from the international community. So I am taking part in the people power movement.”

Q. And you are not frightened of being put in jail?

“Yes I am really frightened. Everyone is really frightened of being in jail. As a person I am very afraid but as an activist I am not afraid because it means I am working for my country and that makes me not afraid.”

Q. Does your family support you?

“No they never support my decision. They worry about me. They never thought their would be someone in our family would become an activist so they appreciate my work but they don’t want me to do it.”

Q. And what is the situation for the people from Generation Wave are in jail?

“22 members are in jail and they are all very far away from their prisons and they are scattered across the country. No of my really good friends is in bad health in jail. He has problems with his bones.”

Q. What actions and activities do you do against the regime—say you do graffiti how do you do that?

“We use graffiti and we use paint and paper. When we use graffiti we write ‘Free Burma’, ‘Free GW’, ‘Free Aung San Suu Kyi’. We have many activities like our money campaign. We stamped money with the face of General Aung San, father of Aung San Suu kyi, our independence leader who was very charismatic person. We did that to say we don’t like this money we oppose it.”

Q. Your music also gets broadcast on DVB (Democratic Voice of Burma) for people to listen to. What’s the power of music?

“You know everyone likes music. Music can make people soft and it can make people strong. We make music to tell people about the true situation.”

Q. Are you unusual young people in Burma- are most people wanting to overthrow the government?

“No (LAUGHS) they just want to go outside with their girlfriends. They are not interested in politics but if something happens they are always ready to follow. But most of the youth they are not talking about politics but some are and some are really active, very underground but maybe I don’t know because everyone is a stranger to one another so we don’t know who to trust.”

Q. Do you think Bobo that change will come? Do you think there will be a revolution?

“Yes we do believe that change will come. We don’t know when. We hope very soon.”

Bobo from Generation Wave an underground group youth movement dedicated to overthrowing the repressive military junta.

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