Japanese Mom Forces Daughter to eat 30 pet goldfish

Abuse is on the rise in Japanese circles, with a more recent atrocity highlighting a string of domestic cruelty cases.

A woman and her boyfriend made her daughter to eat their entire tank of goldfish, at age 16 allegedly killing the poor creatures first by pouring detergent in the water first. The case occurred last June at the couple’s home in Fukuoka – southwest Japan. Though the woman (Yuko Ogata) and Ogata’s boyfriend denies this having happened, Yuko readily admits to this and other disturbing occurrences which are used as a form of punishment for the unfortunate girl.

Though the health of the girl in question did not suffer as a result, the method of killing the fish has increased charges against the couple, as detergent is poisonous on consumption.

The couple has already been arrested four times as of last year, as other incidences have been a regular pattern with them and their daughter.

Such crimes are on a steep rise, including abuse against the elderly as well as young children. Cases have reached a staggering 89,000 as of March last year. Child protection centers are working to end violence and crimes, though many question the effectiveness of their efforts.

Whether or not the charges should include animal abuse is a matter of debate, as there are conflicting ideas regarding whether or not goldfish feel pain. Some say they have no spinal sensory nerve that would enable the feeling of deep pain. However the bigger picture is the atrocity of humans doing such things to other humans, which most certainly do feel pain. It is a sad reflection on the state of things when cruelty is both to man and beast.

We are hoping more will be done to help raise awareness to this and other similar problems people need to be aware of.

Photograph credits: Don Farrall/Getty

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