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North Korea’s ties with China

Curious Tours in North Korea’s Border Country

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Download   We return this week to the city of Dandong, the main point on the Chinese border with North Korea.

Last week our reporter Daniel Bastard told us that more than a half of the goods that enter North Korea cross Dandong’s Friendship Bridge, which spans the river border between the nations.  

In addition to this flourishing trade with North Korea, tourism in the region is booming, with visitors flocking to catch a glimpse of the last Stalinist regime on Earth.

Daniel Bastard joined some of these visitors on this curious journey.


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China’s Commercial Backdoor to North Korea

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Download   North Korean leader Kim Jong-il visited Beijing earlier this month for the first time in four years.

China is one of Pyongyang’s few allies but relations have chilled following the Norths Nuclear tests.

Beijing wants to bring North Korea back to the negotiation table.

In return, the “Dear Leader”, as North-Koreans are supposed to call their president, received promises of much needed economic aid from China.

Daniel Bastard reports from the border city of Dandong, where he saw Kim Jong-il’s private, armored train crossing the border back into North Korea.


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