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Chinese Documentary Filmakers Tell Forbidden Stories

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Download The Chinese film industry has grown enormously in the last decade.

A myriad of stories have been told on film, many of them documentaries. Unfortunately only a tiny portion of China’s population ever gets to see them.  

The hardy band of Chinese documentary filmmakers are travelling the international film festival circuit with their films that are often banned in  their own country.

Last year a documentary film festival was about to open in Beijing, but authorites shut it down.

Now it’s being reproduced, in Sweden.

Our reporter Ric Wasserman  met with the rising filmmakers when they screened their work.

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K-pop Sweeps the World

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Download It’s suddenly everywhere: Korean pop or K-pop.

Marketed with flashy videos, catchy choreography and pounding techno-based beats K-pop has become the biggest cultural export from Asia since Bruce Lee.

Huge crowds turn up to dance together to K-pop in public spaces in cities on all continents.

Our reporter in Sweden Ric Wasserman follows the music, and it’s devotees.

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Taboo Love: Highlighting Chinese Homosexual Artists

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Download Homosexuality was decriminalized in China in 1997, but the age-old taboos surrounding sexuality have not gone away.

“Secret Love” is the first large modern art exhibit from China to deal with the sensitive subject of identity, norms and sexuality.

Ric Wasserman has the story from Sweden.

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Abul Kalam: A Rohingya Fighting for Truth in Sweden

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 Photo: Ric Wasserman

Download Abul Kalam is a refugee who has been living in Sweden for 10 years.

He shares the same reason as thousands of other Rohingyas strewn around the world, far from their homeland of Burma.

Burma’s government doesn’t recognise them as citizens and have been persecuted since 1962 when the army took control.

The recent ethnic rapes, murders and burning down of Rhingya villages by their Burmese neighbours has brought the tragedy in a new focus.

Abul’s only recourse is to spread information about the fate of the Rohingyas and appeal to the international community for support.

Asia Calling’s Ric Wasserman has the story.

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Chinese Money Saving Century Old Italian Companies

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Download Businesses in Northern Italy, once a key industrial area of the country, are suffering from the global economic downturn.

The price of the goods they sell is falling, and banks are refusing to give out more loans.

But as Rebecca Valli reports from Milan, Chinese business people are coming to the rescue.

She has the story of one entrepreneur who just sold his half a century old company to a Chinese competitor.

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