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How a 14-year-old Girl Beat the Taliban

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Download This week Pakistani 14-year old activist Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head and neck by Taliban gunmen in Pakistan’s Swat Valley.

The Taliban said they shot her because she had “promoted secularism” and that they would target her again.

Pakistani officials have offered over 100,000 US dollars reward for information leading to the arrest of the attackers.

The attack has sparked outrage among many Pakistanis, who gathered in several cities for anti-Taliban protests and held prayers for the girl's recovery.

Last year she was awarded the first National Peace Award for Youth – which later became known as the National Malala Peace Prize.

And now Pakistan’s civil society activists are calling for October 9, the day Malala was shot, as the National Day for Girls Education.

Asia Calling’s Mudassar Shah was one of the first journalists to interview Malala.

Here’s his story about her courageous fight for girl’s education.

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Anti-drone Peace March in Pakistan

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Download Tens of thousands of Pakistanis joined the first-ever Peace March against the United States’ drone strikes in the tribal area of Waziristan.

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that the United States uses to attack so-called Taliban militants but Pakistan says they have killed thousands of innocent civilians.

Mudassar Shah joined the march for Asia Calling.

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School for Swat Orphans

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Download According to the Pakistani government’s report nearly 60 percent of school children 5 to 15 in the Swat can’t read.

Taliban militants have destroyed around 400 schools between 2007 and 2009.

And the conflict between the militants and the Pakistani army has left many children as orphanages.

The Parvarish School is offering much needed free education and psychological counseling for these war orphans.

Shahab-ur-Rahman visits the school on the outskirt of Mingora town.

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Anti-Islam Film: Pakistan Minister's Bounty Condemned

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Download Secular activists in Pakistan say the government is fuelling violent protests against an amateur anti-Islamic video.

The State Railway Minister offered a hundred thousand dollars reward for the killing of the film maker of ‘Innocence of Muslims’.

The Prime Minister has condemned the bounty but as Naeem Sahotera reports some secular activists say the Pakistani government is not doing enough to stop the violent reaction.

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Pakistan Fire A Disaster Waiting to Happen

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Download Nearly 300 workers were burnt alive when a fire engulfed a garment factory in the Pakistani city of Karachi last weeks.

Hundreds were trapped inside - the building had metal grilles on the windows and no fire exits.

Many workers jumped from the upper floors.

Pakistan is amongst the world’s largest producers of high quality textile products.

But the recent tragedy has once again shown the dangerous conditions workers are forced to operate under.

As Naeem Sahoutara reports from Karachi there is mounting pressure on the government to change the situation.

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