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Taking the Risk on Pakistan’s Catwalks

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Download Fashion shows are booming in Pakistan – including in Peshawar, one of the most conservative cities in the country.

There’s at least one fashion show there each month – which is a dream come true for aspiring models from the local Pashtun community.

But it’s not easy for women to step onto the catwalk here.

In 2002, when a conservative religious coalition ran the provincial legislature, images of women were banned from billboards.

Those parties lost power – but models still risk a public backlash.

Mudasssar Shah meets one of Peshawar’s young fashion hopefuls.

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Pakistan’s Brave Professor

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Download If there’s a bravery prize for archaeology, Professor Pervaiz Shaheen deserves several medals.

He’s a treasure-trove of knowledge about Pakistan’s Swat Valley, where he lives.

But his love of learning made him a target of the Pakistan Taliban when they controlled the Valley several years ago.

He stood up to the militants and tried to protect his library – which is his lifetime’s work.

The militants have been kicked out,

But now the aging Professor’s worried that nobody will take care books when he’s gone.

Mudassar Shah meets him in his favourite sanctuary – the library.

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Me N Ma Girls - Burmese Girl Band with a Mission

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Download The girls are coming! After decades of military dictatorship, here’s another voice to emerge from Burma.

Please welcome Me N Ma Girls – a Burmese singing-and-dancing girl band attracting international attention.

These five young talented young women in their 20s aren’t just singing and dancing – but also pushing social and political boundaries.

Citra Dyah Prastuti follows them in Rangoon.

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China’s Luxury Olympic Tours

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Download London’s Olympic games will start soon – and the city is hoping for a tourist bonanza from around the world.

That means billions of US dollars pumped into the local economy – and China, one of London’s fastest growing tourism markets, is a prime target.

For this year’s Olympics, those Chinese tourists will mainly be elites who want to experience this global event in style.

From Beijing, Lam Li finds out more.

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Indonesians Going Bald to Fight Cancer

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Download Cancer is the third highest cause of death in Indonesia, and it also hits children - 15 percent of Indonesia’s kids have the disease.

With treatment extremely expensive, many are left without proper hospital care.

But what can the everyday public do to help children with cancer?

Some cancer treatments are tough – chemotheraphy often causes patients’ hair to fall out.

But in Jakarta, now more than one thousand people have volunteered for ‘extreme’ short haircuts –  some have even been shaved bald.

It’s part of a new campaign to raise awareness and money for children with cancer from poor families.

Evilin Falanta joins a crowd of volunteers in “Shave for Hope”, in one of Jakarta’s shopping malls.

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